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A Beautiful Stump

Friday, February 21st Previous Notes Latest Devotion
Hosanna Restoration ChurchIn Isaiah chapter 6, Isaiah sees the Lord and when the Lord looks for someone to send Isaiah says he will go. The Lord then gives him a peculiar message that sounds like the Lord is trying to keep people from coming to Him. More than likely this was the beginning of reverse psychology! At the end of the chapter, the Lord speaks of a stump that will be a holy seed that will grow again.
There are many thoughts that come to mind from this, but one that stood out to me was that once I came to the Lord and recognized everything or least a lot of things in my life that did not bring glory to God, about all that was left was a stump. If we come to the Lord and do not realize that there is a lot of pruning necessary, we are like a fake plant. We will always look the same, and we will eventually fade. What good is a faded fake plant?
My prayer is that we will all be stumped so that the Holy Seed can grow.