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Walking In Darkness

Friday, February 21st Previous Notes Latest Devotion
Hosanna Restoration ChurchRecently, I turned off the lights to head for bed and the first two steps went very well, but then I found myself tumbling with no way to go but down. This resulted in a carpet burn on my forehead, confusion about what had caused me to stumble, and a great spiritual picture.
About the time I was done tumbling, the light came on and I heard my wife asking what had happened. The light revealed that a foot stool was the culprit. There is much I could say about the normal routine, why it happened or should not have happened etc., but for now I want to focus on the danger of walking in darkness. Spiritual darkness that is.
When I hit that foot rest I had no idea what it could be. The same can be said when we get comfortable walking in spiritual darkness. We can ignore the light for a time, and then find ourselves crashing and wonder what it the world has happened. Before we are saved we look and wonder how we could have missed the truth for so long. After we are saved and do this we wonder how we could have been so foolish. Jesus said we should walk in the light for a good reason.
I was able to get up and the scab will be gone before long. I also am very aware of where that stool is now and even in the dark I will take measures to avoid it. No one likes to stumble, but if we do, the good news is that we can get up, turn on the light, recognize the problem, and avoid it in the future. Of course the best plan is avoid walking in spiritual darkness and the best way to do that is stay in the light. Remember, the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!