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Cancel Changes

Friday, February 21st Previous Notes Latest Devotion
Hosanna Restoration ChurchHello to all...
As I considered adjusting our focus I thought of how my focus had adjusted in the years before I came to know Christ. I adjusted my morals, my language, my attitude toward what was right and wrong; basically my whole character. Oh there were traces of I should be, but the adjustments hid them well. I think you understand what I mean, but if not drop me note and will explain. The truth is, we all are adjusting our focus on a daily basis. The question is, which way are we adjusting.
Well a wonderful thought came to my mind concerning the picture our lives are producing. All of those adjustments I previously made distorted the picture of the way I was created. The same is true for you, because we were created in God's image, but when Jesus came and died He made a way for us to be restored. It is like working with a digital picture. You can distort it anyway you want, but you also have the option to cancel the changes. That is what Jesus did for us. He canceled the changes that our wrong adjustments made and we are now new creatures in Him. We are back to the way God intended all along. Adjust to that! Wow.