Welcome to HosannaRC.com | This is a day that the Lord has made! We can rejoice and be glad in it. We are glad you stopped by our web site. It is our desire to encourage you in the Lord. We believe that the answer to every question or need in our lives can be found in the Word of God. I encourage you to search through the devotion section of our site. You can do a search for words that express how you feel or what you need. It may be that the Lord God has just what you need here somewhere. To be honest, I often hit the random devotion button and even though I was blessed to write all of the selections, I find that God has much to say to me in the words He has given. So please help yourself and feast on God's love for you. Thanks again for stopping in.

Thank God For You

Hosanna Restoration ChurchPaul told the folks in his letter that he thanked God every time he thought of them and their faith in Christ.
I do not need to tell you to be thankful today or what to be thankful for. I know you have received lots of other greetings already!
Today I simply want to tell you that I am thankful for the privilege of speaking into your lives. I know you get lots of mail and that it may be that there are days you when my notes are sent back into cyber space, but that is fine, I am happy to keep sending them in the hopes that God will speak to you at just the right time in the way that most meets your needs.
You may have noticed the recent change in the delivery of the devotions. I know that it caused problems for a few but prayerfully they are coming through to you all again.

Mostly today I want to remind you of how important and special you are and how much God loves you. May His blessings overflow your lives today and every day in such wonderful ways that cannot help but thank and praise Him.

Thank you.