Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from; everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you. (Philippians 4:9 NLT)

You have learned more that you know! And, you know more than you think you know! How many times have you observed a child saying they do not know something when you know they really do? We respond by telling them they do know; they just need to think. Teachers spend a great deal of time attempting to convince students to use what they know just as the Holy Spirit spends much time with us patiently reminding us of what we know.
Paul, speaking to the church encouraged them to keep putting the things they learned into practice. We know that Jesus brought the disciples to place where they finally understood. After following Jesus, and doing the works of God and, learning so much, they often claimed they did not understand. Then one day, He said, "Do you finally understand?"
This is why Paul challenges us all to keep putting all we learn into practice. When we hear what God is saying, and it burns within us, the very best thing we can do is repeat it and act on it if there is an action required. We may never fully understand all that we learned, but God is able to teach us as we practice.
There have been a multitude of things that I learned that I only understood later, long after I had been practicing them. Paul once told the people to imitate the Christ that they saw in him. Haven't we all done or said things that surprised us? Jesus gets into us and acts through us in ways that we do not fully understand, or may not even be aware of.
I was at the prison recently and a man humbled me more than I can say. He had been so touched by God in the service and he had experience the presence of God in a very real way for the first time since becoming a Christian. He said that not just one thing, but every word had spoken to his heart. And I told him that was just a revelation of how very much God loves him; that he would send a message just for him. All glory to God.
When we have experiences like that it shows us more than we know. It is like when Jesus was walking on the road with the two believers and later when they broke bread they understood why their hearts burned within them as Jesus spoke. It is much like Job's experience when he realized that he once knew about God, but now he had experienced God and knew Him.
God is so much more wonderful than we know. We must guard against being people who are always listening and never hearing or learning and never understanding. Keep putting the truth into practice.