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The Sword Is Sharp

July 24, 2013 | All Notes

Recently I was replacing some vinyl siding and as I was carefully cutting it with a utility knife the knife slipped and just touched my thumb. Guess what? The knife was very sharp and with only a touch the end of my thumb flapped open. Of course it was bleeding all over and well…you do not need the rest of that story, because you have probably had the same experience at one time or another.

After pushing the flap back down and securing it with a bandaid my day continued. Then yesterday as I was sharing with my folks in Chapel at the jail about believing in the power of the word,God brought out an illustration using that little slip of the knife.

You see, that knife was sharp and with only a little slip it did damage. How much more damage can we do to the works of the devil if we effectively wield the sword of the Spirit. It is sharp and powerful. It is a two-edged sword. Wow, can you picture that. Swing it with authority. Lop off the head of the enemy that comes against you to steal, kill, and destroy the good the things that God has for you. Yes, the Sword is sharp. Believe it and use it.

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