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For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

This verse pretty much boils down the whole plan of God for all people. It is good for us to consider it often. We know it. We’ve heard it. We have memorized and repeated it. We have done all of these so often that we perhaps move on without really considering just how much it has to say.

I was considering the favor of God and how thankful I am for His presence in my life this week and the words, reaching people, flooded my mind. The next thing that came to mind was a song that said, “I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul.”

Over the course of a few days I have entertained a small book full of thoughts about this. God has blessed us with so much. The Holy Spirit continues to lead us into all truth. It is important that we flow with all truth.

It is possible to get understanding of some things and leave behind other important things. We do not do this maliciously but we may do it a bit selfishly. When we come to understand the favor and blessings of God, we may enjoy them so much that we forget why we have them.

We receive God’s favor and blessings so that we can reach people. People need to know God. How has what God has done for you or can what God has done for you benefit another person? Someone is waiting for you to reach them. If we are so focused on God reaching and blessing us that we miss a person who has missed the message; we miss the purpose of the blessing of God.

I am a friend of God because He calls me friend, not because I am special. The same is true for all who come to Him. It is an interesting balance; knowing we are special to God and understanding that we ourselves are not special and all the time God is making us feel special!

When we get comfortable with the truth that it is all about God and others and not so much about us the lights come on. I am talking about the light that shines before others and brings glory to God.

I just had this picture of when a child goes to a friend’s birthday carrying a gift. The gift is for the friend. Sometimes, it is difficult for little children to really grasp that concept. More than once there has been a tussle getting one child to actually pass on the gift that was intended for the other.  Sometimes, we can be the same way with the gifts of God! As we grow in the Lord and come to know more of the things of God we must be careful that we keep the whole purpose of the gospel in sight. Jesus came to reach people and He sends us for the same purpose.

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