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The Lord rules over the flood waters. The Lord reigns as king forever. The Lord gives His people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace. (Psalm 29:10-11 NLT)

It is a good thing to take time to consider what the Lord has done for us. I mean, for us personally! What has the Lord done for you? Don’t look at what you think He has done to you but look at what He has done for you. God is for you!

I have been reading about how the kings intentionally sinned against God. There would be a good king and then there would be a string of bad ones. They would worship idols and build temples to false Gods and make the people worship them even after the prophets would warn them. As I read that, I thought about my sins and though there were many, I don’t remember ever intentionally and knowingly shaking my fist and God and saying, “I don’t care what you want God, I am doing it anyway.” It was only after I came to know God that I could see how I hurt Him. I don’t want to do that ever again.

God turns things around! Loving God turns darkness to light and death into life. He not only turns our lives around, gives us the power to turn things that come at us in life around. His word says that an enemy will come at us from one direction and flee in many directions and they see that we are surrounded by our father’s love.

There is no limit to what God will do for you and for me. Psalm 29 ends telling us that God rules over the flood waters. Floods come. The only reason they recede is because God rules over them. I don’t believe He sends them. He said He would not destroy the earth by flood again. Our basement has flooded a few times. God did not do it! My pump failed. God did not cause my pump to fail! He did keep the flood from winning. He rules.

The Lord reigns as king forever. Let that sink in. He is forever faithful and strong and above all, He is for you! He gives His people strength! Oh wow! We can be strong in the Lord and power of His might. The Lord blesses us with peace. Breathe that in. Let it settle deep in your heart. Don’t hurry off, enjoy it.

In a devotion recently they suggested that I talk to God about the things that concerned me. I thought about that, and I realized that more often than not, when I actually think about the things that concern me, I find myself anticipating how God is going to take care of them. I realize that He is responding to them before I do. On those other occasions when I think rather than pray, it can get pretty ugly in my head before I turn things around! I am reminded to remain in Him and keep His word strong in me. Then I know that there is a place of refuge, all I need to do is step in.

When Jesus told the woman at the well how different things would be if she only knew the gift He had for her, He was telling her that it would turn everything around. We have a savior who is on our side, and He is “THE GAME CHANGER.” No matter what may come at us, in Christ we can turn things around. We can actually consider it done when we look to the Son.

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