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But God’s Spirit causes us to live in a different way. We love other people. We are happy and we have peace in our minds. We are patient, kind, and good. People can trust us to do what is right. We respect other people and we rule ourselves properly. God’s Spirit helps us to live in that way. There is no law that says these things are wrong. (Galatians 5:22-23 EASY)

When I was a boy, my mom would tell me to take the trash out. If I failed to get it done, she would tell me again and again and again until I did. The trash never took itself out! The same was true about dusting or shaking the rugs or any other thing that was my job; mom was faithful to tell me until I did what I was told.

Holy Spirit is faithful to cause us to live in a different way, however, He never makes us do anything, He just keeps reminding us until we get it done. Sometimes, I did exactly what I was told as soon as I was told. When my dad said I had to get the yard mowed before I could go swimming, I got the mower out and ran around the yard with it. Of course I did not do it necessarily to please my dad; no I did it because I wanted to go swimming.

The truth is, we sometimes pick and choose which part of the different way we want to live. We sometimes leave the trash around until it stinks enough that we get it out. The rugs may pile up until we trip over them, and the grass may get so tall that it plugs up the mower. Of course, I am not talking about the garbage in the sack or the rugs on the step or the grass in the yard; I am talking about the piles in our lives.

It is best to just listen to Holy Spirit. He knows what is right and what is best. We all are guilty of putting things off. Yesterday, my bride had a honey do for me. It has been around for quite some time. Finally, everything was in the right place and we got it done. It was a very quick fix and it was worth the wait! May not! Most importantly, it was very much worth doing and it made her very happy.

I am glad that God is patient. I am thankful that Holy Spirit just keeps reminding me as he guides me and ultimately causes me to live in a different way. He is not hard to listen to. I know He always knows best. I know that it always turns out for my good when I just do what He says.

In our world today, you would think that maybe His ways are wrong! There are some people who think believing in God and His ways makes us troublemakers. That is of course because we live a different way, and if I may say so; a better way. Of course this is not new. They considered Jesus a troublemaker as well, because He taught of a different way.

The satisfaction that comes with following His way is well worth the effort it takes to do it. My compliance with what my folks wanted was good for me, and yes, it is necessary to live in a different way and to comply with the guidance of Holy Spirit. It truly is for our own good!

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