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Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters--a pathway no one knew was there! (Psalm 77:19 NLT)

Today is graduation day in our town. It is a day when graduates embark upon the beginning of the rest of their lives. There are lots of roads out there. Some will look like the obvious choice when in fact they may not be. This is true for everyone, and the key to success for all of us is finding the right pathway. God has a perfect plan for everyone, but finding it requires paying a great deal of attention to our guide.

In this passage of scripture, God refers to a path that He made for the people that know one knew was there. It looked like an impossible situation. But then as they stood and watched they were amazed as God opened the waters in front of them and they were able to go across on dry ground. It seemed impossible right up until the time it happened, but nothing is impossible for God.

Everyday that we live we walk along and there are paths that we follow. God says that there is a way that leads to life and way that leads to destruction. So how do we determine which path to follow? We look for life! God’s word says that the life is in Jesus, who is the living Word. As we understand God’s Word we become more confident in the truth and know that God has promised to make a way even when it seems there is no way. That way when it appears that we are standing at place that we cannot cross, we expect it to open up. Many of the people who stood at the Red Sea wanted to turn around and run back into the arms of their enemy, but that was not God’s plan.

There came another time when God brought them to the Promised Land and showed them clearly the path that they were follow, but they chose a different way. In the same way, we can choose a different path than the one that God has planned. Even then, He does not leave nor forsake us; He does everything He can to redirect us. Of course, He could just pick us up and throw us, but He will not do that. He just waits until we start looking for that path to life and comes and puts us back on it.

It is interesting to listen to people who have chosen a path that God never intended for them to be on. You can hear them wondering why God let such and such happen, or worse yet “why did God do this?” It is like a snake handler blaming God because he got bit.

God sees every path that there is. He knows which door opens to a room full of life. If we will seek Him He will lead us down the right path through the right door. Some will be obvious, but others will be so hidden that only God knows where they are or how to open them. This was the case with the sea. The key is in yielding ourselves to the Lord’s guidance and being willing to be still and let Him reveal that He is God of every situation. It takes less time to wait on Him that it does to search every room looking for the life that is in only one. It only takes a moment ask God where the pathway is.

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