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Urgency Emergency

February 10, 2013 | All Notes

Today we have a South Dakota Blizzard going, so they have asked that we travel only for emergency reasons. Consequently Hosanna is not gathering at the church today. Although there are times when it when it feels like an emergency to get to fellowship with others, we all know that we can instantly gather with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit where ever we are.

No, it is not an emergency situation to get to church, but there should always be an urgency, a deep desire, to worship and to praise the Lord with others. We should be careful not to allow a take it or leave it attitude to develop when it comes to gathering together in the name of Lord.
There should always be a hunger stirring.

I laugh at myself sometimes when I get up in the morning and tell the Lord hello. Then as I am talking to Him I find my cell phone to check and make sure I have not missed a message. Each time I am reminded that I need to be this way with the Lord. I need to always check and make sure I did not miss something He was trying to get through to me.

If we maintain our urgency to fellowship with Him, we will be able to handle any emergency that might arise.

There are many people in the world who truly are in an emergency and they have no idea how urgent it is that they know God.

Take time today to make sure that you maintain the urgency and desire to draw closer and closer to God. Stir up your love for Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Give the Lord a shout. Now isn’t that just grand? Victory in Jesus! Can you feel it?

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